Did the Daycare or preschool aske you to provide labels for your kids belongings? Are they labelled with name tags to avoid mix-ups at school or daycare?

Today you are going to learn how to make the most beautiful labels and nametag with a home printer plus scissors or cutting machine like Cricut and Silhouette Cameo.

The most challenging part is to come up with nice children label design, for that we recommend getting free personalized designs offered by Label And Beyond

The process has three steps: label designing, printing, and cutting.

1. Label Designing – Free Tool Available to Design and Customize Your Label

  • Designs are available for download using these links, do not be alarmed by the labels price on these links, because they will allow you to download the labels you designed for free in the “PREVIEW YOUR LABELS” section :
  • Once you open one of the links, enter your child first and last name in the personalization text fields
    • Select one of the 100 designs available, or ask your child to choose one.
    • Click on ‘Preview Your Labels’ tab, then download your label.



    2. Printing

    You can insert the downloaded labels into a word document and send it for printing.

    • Ink type

    Usually Home printers use Dye ink which is not waterproof so the ink will smear, this means you need to spend more time to carefully apply laminate on top of the label to stop the water from reaching the ink, Thu there is the possibility that water can reach the ink from the sticky side of the label if you are not using the proper material, alternatively you can go for Pigment ink printer which is way more expensive than Dye ink printers, such as Epson Sure color P600, and if you wont be printing lot of labels frequently then it makes more sense to order labels that are professionally prepared with waterproof ink, Label And Beyond of known for its waterproof high quality and affordable labels.

    • Paper type (printing material)
    There are many printing paper with self adhesive available on . This product works with inkjet and laser jet and is readily available on Amazon. However, paper material is not durable and may require frequent label replacement. Vinyl media is more durable and will last much longer. And even with Vinyl you might end up with a surface finish that wont hold the ink, so for best results use Orajet 1917 vinyl which you can order through our website if you want to have waterproof tear resistant media that will hold your ink.


    3. Cutting
    You can go ahead and cut your printed labels with scissors, if you want to have labels with perfect cut a die cutter needs to be used. If you’re interested in arts and craft, it may be worth it to invest in Cricut or Cameo cutters. These cutters can cut your labels or stickers. For example, “Print then Cut” is the option in Cricut Design Space that allows you to cut your stickers.


    Let’s look at the output for three different processes. (a) An HP printer with dye ink and Amazon sticker paper cut using hand scissors;  and (b) a professional label ordered through Label and Beyond.
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