Mabels Labels & Name Bubbles economical alternatives for Waterproof labels

Many label providers like Mabels Labels, and Bubble Names are providing a good quality waterproof labels, their daycare labels are recommended by many schools and daycares. However, if you feel they're on the pricier side we’ve got you covered with some budget friendly and waterproof labels options.

Our Top Pick:

  • LabelAndBeyond is our best customizable waterproof labels bundle. They offer many bundles to select from at a very competitive prices, that is very easy to personalize. They have daycare labelswaterproof labels, as will as a flexible daycare labels bundle that offers fewer number of labels for $10 CAD, that is almost $8 USD. In addition, they give you an accurate preview for your personalized labels that you can download for free to print or share with others.


  • If your Kid is 6+ years old, who can read, and likes to have different  designs/theme for every label, then this waterproof labels bundle on amazon is a good option.


  • If you have more than one kid and you would like to share the same labels bundle for all of them, then these waterproof labels bundle on amazon will work best for you. It has a special pen, that has a water resistant ink, to write the names on the labels yourself.


  • Occasionally you can look for promotional codes with 15-30% discount on daycare labels from Mabels Labels, Bubble Names, and LabelAndBeyond. If you are not in a rush you can wait for these discounts, one way to get the discount immediately is to sign up for their newsletter.
  • If you have access to a printer you can download free personalized label designs for printing from . They provide many label designs like: kids labels, pantry labels, spice labels and many more . to download these free personalized label designs, navigate to the label that fits your needs on LabelAndBeyond, Start customizing the label, and when done, go to the preview section to download this label for printing. Use a scissor to cut the labels and then use a transparent tape to stick the label on the surface, make sure to seal the face of the label with the tab to preserve the ink from Water. This will make sure you end up with waterproof labels. For more information, please refer to guide:


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