The Story began in 2020 WITH two families having four children going to daycares and schools

During this unprecedented pandemic times, we were concerned about our kids belongings getting mixed up or misplaced while at school or daycare. We talked to great teachers and they introduced us to labeling products that help identifying and organizing children belonging. However, the process of finding the right labels and customizing the label design was not convenient. We also wanted to ensure that the label are durable and can survive the beat during dishwashing and laundry. The idea has even grown bigger when we saw that we can add value to the schools and day cares by providing the flexibility of creating labels that include the educational institute branding to help develop a bond between the kids and their schools or daycares. Creating this bond can help improve the classroom culture and kids education. Therefore, our families decided to help other families sharing the same concerns about their children.

With the knowledge and experience we developed as University of Waterloo alumni and grad students, we established our business, designed our products, assessed its quality, and validated the feasibility of our business model. This esured that our labels are here to help you during pandemics or regular times and will always be reasonably priced. The labels were designed to last for the life of the garment and it can be used for toys, books, clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

our kids loved the labels and helped in designing premade labels for you

We focused on streamlining the order process. We have labels that will work for specific occasions, but we offer bundles that will provide you everything you need to label and organize your kids belonging at school or at home. Our premade designs are ready for you to choose from. If your kids love to design their own labels, you can easily do that through our interactive label designing interface.
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