Ramadan Decoration For Ikea Borrby Lantern


Ramadan Decoration For Ikea Borrby Lantern - Ramadan Stickers and Decals

Limited Time Offer - Free Shipping to Canada and $5CAD flat rate shipping to US.

Ramadan Stickers and Decals are made to order to fit Ikea lanterns and add a special touch to your house and decoration during the holy month.

The holy month of Ramadan is special for all Muslims, and lanterns are the symbol of this holy month. Unfortunately, not many lanterns are available in North America. Therefore, this product adds value by transforming the Ikea Borrby lantern into a fully customized Ramadan lantern. 

We offer a wide variety of designs in Arabic and English to choose from.

The lantern size is 11" and it's available in Ikea store for less than 10$ - Ikea Website Link

*Please note that we only sell decoration stickers/decals. This order does not include the lantern.

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